Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sniper Elite Iii: Afrika - Pre-owned - Playstation 4

Sniper Elite Iii: Afrika - Pre-owned - Playstation 4

Sniper Elite Iii: Afrika - Pre-owned - Playstation 4

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The rugged, open land of North Africa has definitely put your sniping skills to the test since you've been here. You've trekked across treacherous mountain ranges, sought cover in sprawling, easily visible flatlands and discreetly made your way through bustling cities and secluded villages. You've been following your target for days, waiting for the opportune moment to strike. Finally, after a week of relentless pursuit, you spot your target briefly enjoying the evening air on a veranda. Without a moment of hesitation, you align your barrel and squeeze the trigger, eliminating your target with one well-placed, well-timed shot. Your target soundlessly slips to the floor, and just as soundlessly, you make a quick exit. Set during WWII in North Africa, Sniper Elite III lets you play as American OSS agent, Karl Fairburne. Your mission? - provide a helping hand to the Allied forces, drawing from your wealth of sharpshooting knowledge and experience to assist them in whatever way possible. After uncovering a secret tank program that could swiftly destroy any Allied force if it comes to fruition, you must use all of your sniping intelligence and skills to take out the enemy - shot by shot. Roam the varied North African battlefield on nonlinear routes that offer visual diversity as well as gameplay variation, allowing you to engage enemies in a wide range of open and close-knit environments. Use shadows and the darkness of night to remain unseen by the Afrika Korps for optimal stealth. Plan relocation tactics that suit your mission's particular needs as well as your own unique sniping style by searching the landscape and discovering nests, ambush locations and more. Lie in wait for the Afrika Korps' vehicles and then unleash havoc with the vehicle kill-cam, which lets you take out entire vehicular crews and blow up vehicles' gas tanks with just one shot. Unlock more than 40 new customization parts as you progress through the game, so you can build a high-tech rifle, improve your character and more. Intelligently decide how to deal with both long-range and short-range combat missions based on detailed feedback. Engage in either co-op or competitive multiplayer modes, which allow you to work together or fight against your friends. Make sure your breath is shallow and your fingers steady before you squeeze the trigger in Sniper Elite III: Afrika. a8192eb67ac04a2c38ac6d8bb29a5915

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